So as the new year approaches it is traditional to make some resolutions. Every year I say that I am not going to bother, but every year, almost subconsciously a “next year I am going to…” just happens. This year, it is a conscious decision. Along with the “stop biting nails”, “loose weight”, “try to be that bit tidier”, I am going to read some of the books that have been sat on my pile for a seriously long time! 

Just about everyone that I know has a pile of books waiting to be read, all for different reasons. Some people only read on holiday, some people only read biographies, some people have to be in the mood… only one person I know religiously reads one book before purchasing another.  My reason for having a huge stack to read is that I get distracted! Reading one book often leads to ‘needing’ to read another, for instance, as a direct result of reading “The Shadow Sister” by Lucinda Riley I moved on to “Orlando” by Virginia Woolf. This was not a book that had ever entered my radar, but all of a sudden became a necessity. I find Lesley Pearse books really addictive… one is never enough, and so begins another deviation and so on.

I know full well that I will buy more books as the year goes by, I am easily tempted by interesting covers (yes,  know, never judge a book by a cover and all that, but does anyone actually abide by that?? I have the same philosophy when it comes to wine!). I also know that I have already preordered a couple of books and that there will be more as the release dates are announced –  I am already desperate to read “The Pearl Sister”, the fourth instalment in Lucinda Riley’s Seven Sister series (due to be released in 2017 at some point – the previous two have been November releases so hopefully the autumnal pattern will continue!). There are rumours of a new Philippa Gregory book about the Gray girls (Lady Jane and her sisters); I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that the rumour mill is accurate as Philippa really is the queen of historical novels! Despite all these exciting new releases, and my inability to walk past a bookshop window, I stand by my resolution. I will read the ones I already own or have pre-ordered already first!
So,  my reading list for 2017 is looking a little like this…

  • ‘The Tenant of Wildfell Hall’ ~ Anne Bronte; This has been on my list for years, but this year it is happening!
  • ‘In Search of Anne Bronte’ ~ Nick Holland; As a Bronte fanatic/obsessive depending on how you look at it, I love to read anything about the Bronte’s. To be fair I love their personal story as much as anything that they have written.
  • ‘After You’ ~ Jojo Moyes; The sequel to “Me Before You”, which I loved. 
  • ‘Jane Austen at Home’ ~ Lucy Worsley; I am soo looking forward to this book being released in May. I love Lucy, she is funny, clever, unique, a wonderful storyteller and she reminds me of Mrs Pepperpot. I have never read a Lucy book, but I love to watch her on television, and her most recent series about the wives on Henry VIII was addictive. I also love Jane Austen. Needless to say I have really high expectations of this book!
  • ‘Trailer Trash’ and ‘The Birds’ ~ Denise Grover Swank; These are the next two books in the ‘Rose Gardner Investigatoins’, the series which follows on from ‘The Rose Gardner Mysteries’. These books are witty, gritty, overly dramatic, fun, frivolous and truly wonderful!
  • ‘The Poppy Factory’ ~ Liz Trenow; I read ‘The Forgotten Seamstress ‘ this year and really enjoyed it.
  • ‘Little Big Lies’ ~ Leanne Moriarty; This has been on my pile for months and I have heard soooo many good things, I know that it is to be made into a film and I am going to read it before that happens!
  • ‘The Essex Serpent ‘ ~ Sarah Perry; Ok, so this really is a case of judging based on the cover… seriously who could resist those colours???
  • ‘The Light Between Oceans’ ~ M. L. Steadman; This is already a film, and to be honest I hadn’t heard of it until I heard Chris Evans discussing it on the radio. It sounded fab, so I downloaded it…
  • “Silence” ~ Natasha Preston; I’m really not sure what to expect of this, it has great reviews, keeps popping up on my ‘recommendations’ on the Kindle store, and each time I click on the download button Amazon assures me that I already own it. I will keep you posted…. 
  • “Sister One, Two, Three” ~ Nancy Star; I loved the vintage-y cover, and it sounds intriguing… family secrets etc

So, 2017 is looking like a busy year! What are you planning on reading? Please let me know any recommendations – I am always on the lookout for a new author,or something a bit different!!
Happy New Year!! Xx


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